Our clipping path service (done with the pen-tool in Photoshop) is designed for online store managers, graphic and web designers, people who sell on MarketPlaces, photographers, photogravure studios or printers, who want to save time.
This technique is used to recreate invisible elements of a garment. For example, when a jacket is photographed on a hanger, we can remove the hanger and recreate the hidden area.

Our photo retouching service offers very accurate and high-quality work. We are able to make all types of photo retouching :

More than a product showcase, an online store is a shop that has to delight and invite the visitor to visualise himself with or in the products.
We can adjust the color of your product to fit your needs. It will save you so much time if you don’t have to shoot every item in a full color range anymore.
We are able to carry out the following works: modeling, texturing, creation of space or staging. If you have models (industrial drawings or scanned), we can also generate CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) renderings on a white background in high resolution.