Editing Video

It's a must to present several photographs of your products on your e-commerce website for internet users to get an idea of what you offer them. But to help them to better  imagine themselves with their purchase in hand, videos are a real plus!

When visitors to your e-shop discover an object's different possible uses or admire a garment or piece of jewellery worn on different occasions by a superb model, they will be more inclined to go ahead and make the purchase. Provided, of course, that the quality of the video is beyond reproach.

Simataï offers you an online video-editing service. By showcasing your product in a fun, dynamic way, we help you to capture the attention of potential customers and to whet their interest.

Our e-commerce video-editing service includes:

  • the editing of several video sequences;
  • image reframing and centring;
  • brightness and colour adjustment;
  • focus on a specific aspect of the product;
  • adjustment of the video's pacing;
  • insertion of transitions and creative visual effects.

Want to ask us to edit a video? Nothing could be easier! All we need from you are your technical specifications. We will send you a quote as quickly as possible. Once the quote is signed, all you need to do is to drop off your rushes at a secure FTP address. We will then carry out a first video-editing test that we will submit to you for validation. Last step, we finish editing the rushes and deliver you the full video. 

Ask for a customised quote

Having Simataï take care of your e-commerce video editing means:

  • real-time follow-up of your orders 24/7;
  • privileged access via FTP;
  • personalised service;
  • a"satisfied or redone" guarantee!

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